Clos Domaines & Châteaux
La noblesse des vins suisses

Environment and traceability

Our members cultivate their vines while respecting and caring for the environment. All Clos, Domaines & Châteaux members meet the requirements of the “Vitiswiss” federation, so that future generations can still witness the richness of our terroirs. Vitiswiss certifies that winemakers benefit from continuous training and apply sustainable grape growing principles on their lands.


Authenticity & Quality

Our customers’ satisfaction and trust represent the heart of our concerns. This is why Clos, Domaines & Châteaux wines are true local products that express all their authenticity and quality through the specific features of each grape variety, soil and microclimate. Driven by a philosophy of excellence, our members bring together all their talent and know-how to produce wines that will delight fine lovers of Swiss Grands Crus and Premiers Grands Crus.


Tradition and family

Love and passion for the vine are passed down from generation to generation and guide all our producers. They gladly transmit their know-how, refined and perfected over the years, to future generations. While ensuring technological advances and integrating innovations, our craftsmen perpetuate this beautiful profession, which has been anchored for centuries in the Swiss tradition.