Clos Domaines & Châteaux
La noblesse des vins suisses
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Our history

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Passionate about the beauty and the richness of their region, eighteen vineyard’s owners came together in the Clos, Domaines & Châteaux Association on January 14, 2004. Their common goal was to promote the Vaudois terroirs and select the best of each vintage to delight fine wine connoisseurs year after year. The notorious “2003” was the first vintage in the Association’s history and will remain a highlight in the annals of viticulture. It was successfully presented to the press during the launch event of the Association on April 20, 2004, at Château de Vufflens.

Due to their unique and complex geographical situation, the vineyards of Clos, Domaines and Châteaux are recognised as Cru appellations by the Canton de Vaud legislation. The wines are the authentic reflection of their terroir, made with locally grown grapes that meet specific rules and high-quality standards.

Each wine has its terroir, each terroir has its history. The history of generations of passionate men and women enhancing the specific features of each grape variety, soil and microclimate. These men and women want to share this passion with fine wine connoisseurs and offer the guarantee of exceptional vintages. This commitment is represented by a red banner that surrounds each bottle’s closure. It embodies excellence, typicity and authenticity and is the hallmark of Clos, Domaine and Châteaux.